Restore Project

We need your help....

If you are a member of the Polish/Portuguese/Russian community living in Galway we need your help.....

We need your help.

If you are a member of the Polish, Portuguese or Russian community living in Galway we need your help.

We know that visiting the GP can be stressful if you do not have good English.

We want to change this.

We first need to do research.

This is where you come in.

Help us to help your community.





Communication with a GP can be difficult because there are language and cultural barriers.

Despite being recommended, the services of trained professional interpreters or cultural mediators are seldom used.

Through the Restore Project,  we have the opportunity to explore what happens when interpreted consultations are available in a GP practice.


For further details in Polish, please click here..

For further details in Portuguese, please click here..

For further details in Russian, please click here..



Download the Polish Consent Form here...

Download the Polish Information leaflet here...

Download the Portuguese Consent Form here...

Download the Portuguese Information leaflet here...

Download the Russian Consent Form here...

Download the Russian Information leaflet here...


Restore Project - FAQs

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