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We don't normally re-post articles from other sources but this short letter from The Guardian is worth a read......

We don't normally re-post articles from other sources but this short letter from The Guardian is worth a read.

This letter could be written by any number of Irish GPs.....

I retired early last year after 30 years in general practice in Kent. Being a family doctor is a privilege, but the job changed significantly in my time. Politicians decided that we had to be micromanaged and have done their best to de-professionalise us. Although workload and pay are cited in the BBC survey as reasons for early retirement, for me it was neither. I resented being told what to do in the consulting room by those who didn’t have a clue about the job. 

The Health and Social Care Act meant losing my role as a totally independent advocate for my patients, poring over financial spreadsheets and becoming a rationer of my patients’ care. When I entered general practice, there were up to 150 excellent applicants for each job. Now training places cannot be filled and practices across the country are in meltdown. Strange how after taking £1bn out of primary care and blaming GPs for the ills of the NHS, just before an election the government wants to be friendly again. Mr Hunt speaks as though this is nothing to do with him, stating that taking money away from GPs, mental health and district nurses is wrong. No wonder politicians are looked upon with disdain. They wreck the NHS, drive good professionals away, blame others, and then want to be re-elected to carry on with their chaos.
Dr Paul Hobday
Tonbridge, Kent

Link to original article here. With thanks to The Guardian.


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