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This day last year we opened on Dock Road in Galway, following 4 and a half happy and busy years 300 meters away @ 16 Merchants Road. We opened our doors on Merchants Road with 2 doctors, zero patients, huge bills, a website and only half a clue what we were about to get ourselves into.

The first, second and third items on that list have increased and we think we have gained a little bit of experience and knowledge of how the business of general practice in ireland works.

What we are sure of is that most of you (our wonderful patients) might never have found us had it not been for our website and that our move to Dock Road would never have been possible.

With this in mind, it seemed fitting to celebrate our 1st Birthday by giving the old site a makeover.

Typically, like all good TV home-makeover shows this quickly turned into a ‘demolish & rebuild’ project that was only just finished by the deadline.

We think it was worth it.   

 screen shots

The site is brand new, completely rebuilt from the ground up.

Using the latest website technology, known as ‘Responsive Design’, the website is optimised to display perfectly no matter what device you access it on. It will automatically sense the screen size of your phone or tablet and zoom itself to fit. The menus will move to the best position for your device’s screen so no more zooming in and out or scrolling the page around to find what you need, making for a pleasant experience as you browse on the move.


Along with loads of new content (and plenty more to come) there are new features designed to make your interactions with us simpler and more informative.

  • Appointment request form: No need to phone, just let us know when you would like to visit and we’ll email you back with an appointment

  • FAQ: If you have a question, our FAQ section has the answer. If it doesn’t let us know and we’ll update it for you.

  • Fees & Charges: How much does it cost? Our complete list of fees and charges are on the site so you know exactly what you will pay before you attend.

  • Detailed Surgery Info: Including maps, locations of nearby parking and Youtube videos to show you how to find us.

  • Blog: Where our doctors will write about all matters General Practice related.

  • Social Media: Follow us on Facebook/Twitter or Google+ or  keep an eye on our Youtube channel for video updates as we get around to making them.


We are really excited about the new site and believe that it is a big step forward for Galway Bay Medical Centre.

We hope that you think so too and we would love to hear from you with any comments or suggestions.

A sincere thank you to all our patients new and old and to everyone who has worked with us since the start.

A huge round of applause to Ivan from Designtribe.ie for his tireless work on this site and his work and vision since the very start.

Oh and………… Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us…



There will be cake.



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