Safety Policy for Winter 20/21

We will be making a few changes for the next few months in anticipation of 'Flu season, back to school and a possible increase in Covid19 cases.

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COVID-19 Information

Phase 1 of easing of national COVID-19 restrictions on 18 May 2020

We continue to be open for business, but in a different way to before.

As per national recommendations, we have been complying with social distancing measures so operating on an appointment-only basis, keeping our waiting room empty or nearly empty.

We are working mainly by teleconsult (video consultations) for several weeks now and find it is going very well.

Our front door is locked all the time as a necessity, to reduce the number of people in the building and to protect our staff, patients and vulnerable others from potentially spreading the virus further.

Most consultations can be done in full or in part by teleconsult. We still bring all patients into the building who we feel need a physical assessment, but in a safe manner after screening for Covid-19 symptoms.

For people with symptoms of Covid-19, we do teleconsult and refer them for testing along with giving self-isolation advice and/or a physical assessment in the covid assessment hub (Merlin Park hospital) - if symptoms are worsening and we feel they need to be examined. 

These arrangements help to keep GP practices as free of covid as possible.

Please be assured we continue to prioritise patients needing access to necessary medical care.

Our nurses continue to do routine antenatal visits, baby vaccinations, necessary blood tests and other services, but the 'talking' part of the consultation is usually done by phone or video before the appointment. All patients do hand sanitisation on entering the building, and handwashing if required.

Wearing masks is now recommended in some circumstances, so please do wear a mask if this applies to you.

All of these measures help us comply with keeping less people in the building and therefore reduced the chance of unintentional covid spread.

As you know, it is possible that people can spread the virus for a day or two before symptoms develop.

Consultation Guidelines

Face to Face Consultations

If you are scheduled to attend our clinic in person:

• Please wear a face mask at all times when in the building. These can be purchased at most pharmacies or you can make one at home.
• Please sanitise your hands on arrival with the alcohol gel inside the front door.
• If possible, please try and use toilet facilities before leaving your house, as we have to limit use of our own facilities.

Video Consultations

Although we endeavour to run to schedule, it is not always possible. If you do not hear from us at your scheduled time, please bear with us and we will be with you as soon as we can.

How to check in for your video visit:

• You will receive a text message to your device from us just before your appointment.
• The text will have a link that you must click on.
• This will bring you to a virtual waiting room, where the doctor will join you for your consultation.

To help optimise video quality, please close apps on your device that may be running in the background.

Normal fees apply and we can take payment over the phone after your appointment.


Recent changes to the testing process mean we are now encouraged to refer any patient with possible covid symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath) for testing promptly.

You do not need to be in a priority group any longer.

Test and results expected within a few days.

Please see full Covid-19 info on

Many thanks for your understanding of the reason we have to work in this way.

Please continue to contact us by phone or email to arrange your teleconsult or other services as before.

Recent News

  • Sep 28 2020

    Influenza Vaccinations 2020


    'Flu vaccination 2020/21

    Flu season is here and we are encouraging everyone to get the vaccine.

    Help reduce the potential burden on our hospitals this winter.
    Get the 'Flu vaccine.

    Drop us an email now to book in. The vaccine supplies are arriving tomorrow.

    The HSE has a very useful information page, including information leaflets and videos in a number of languages.

    Click HERE or HERE

  • Sep 08 2020

    Some changes for Winter 20/21


    Some changes for Winter 20/21

    Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and in keeping with public health guidance, we have had to make some changes to our appointment arrangements in Galway Bay Medical Centre with effect from 7th September 2020.


  • Apr 28 2020

    Covid19 - Testing Criteria Update


    A quick update on the changes to Covid19 testing guidelines:

    You can now be referred for testing if you are in one or more of the categories for priority testing and meet the testing criteria below.

    If you are not in a priority group we cannot refer you for testing at this time........

  • Mar 30 2020

    What to do for mild Covid19 symptoms


    What to do if you have symptoms that don't qualify you for Covid19 testing

    As you will know, GPs can only refer patients for Covid19 tests who fit the current criteria for testing - meaning a fever plus either cough or shortness of breath, along with being in one of the at risk groups.

  • Mar 30 2020

    Can I attend as normal....

    Don't feel that you need to stay away from us for Non-Covid19 related visits.
    Our doors are locked to protect against spread of Covid-19, but we are still open from 0830 until 1700 and here for you.

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