Covid19 Vaccination Programme

The rollout of Covid19 vaccines for all patients over the age of 70, is due to begin the week of 15th February 2021.

The first group to be vaccinated will be age over 85, followed by age 80-84, then 75-79, then 70-74.

This may take a few weeks and will be done by the patient's usual GP, either in the GP practice or another setting.

As soon as we have final details on this we will confirm for this and all other priority groups. Unfortunately we are not being provided with a lot of information at the moment so phoning us for further details is not going to be helpful.

Please click HERE for the HSE info page rather than phoning as the front desk is already extremely busy. 

For patients over 70 years of age registered with Galway Bay Medical Centre we expect to be vaccinating you in a vaccine clinic in Galway, not in the practice, in line with national policy. For logistical reasons it is not going to be possible to deliver vaccine supplies to each individual practice, particularily where there may only be small numbers of patients in the priority group.

The location of this mass vaccination clinic should be confirmed soon.

We will be contacting all of our patients with vaccination information and appointments in the coming weeks.

There should be no need to contact us - if we have you registered as a patient of ours and you are over 70, we will contact you.

If you haven't heard from us by Friday 26th February, please email or call.

Other groups will be called later.



January 2021 Covid-19 Update:

Due to the rapidly increasing incidence of Covid19 in our community we will be restricting access to the medical centre again for a time.

This will mean very limited access to face-to-face consults with our GPs and Nurses. We will be offering video consults as a first point of contact in all cases.

Payment can be made either over the phone or by Stripe.

We are open as normal from 9am Monday to Friday and available by phone or email from 0900 to 1230 and again from 14:30 to 1700.

Repeat prescriptions can be ordered by email and will be sent directly to your nominated pharmacy. Allow 48 hours notice at a minimum.

If you are concerned about possible Covid symptoms, self-isolate and give us a call to be referred for a test.


Safety Policy for Winter 20/21

We will be making a few changes for the next few months in anticipation of 'Flu season, back to school and a possible increase in Covid19 cases.

Full details here CLICKY



COVID-19 Information

Phase 1 of easing of national COVID-19 restrictions on 18 May 2020

We continue to be open for business, but in a different way to before.

As per national recommendations, we have been complying with social distancing measures so operating on an appointment-only basis, keeping our waiting room empty or nearly empty.

We are working mainly by teleconsult (video consultations) for several weeks now and find it is going very well.

Our front door is locked all the time as a necessity, to reduce the number of people in the building and to protect our staff, patients and vulnerable others from potentially spreading the virus further.

Most consultations can be done in full or in part by teleconsult. We still bring all patients into the building who we feel need a physical assessment, but in a safe manner after screening for Covid-19 symptoms.

For people with symptoms of Covid-19, we do teleconsult and refer them for testing along with giving self-isolation advice and/or a physical assessment in the covid assessment hub (Merlin Park hospital) - if symptoms are worsening and we feel they need to be examined. 

These arrangements help to keep GP practices as free of covid as possible.

Please be assured we continue to prioritise patients needing access to necessary medical care.

Our nurses continue to do routine antenatal visits, baby vaccinations, necessary blood tests and other services, but the 'talking' part of the consultation is usually done by phone or video before the appointment. All patients do hand sanitisation on entering the building, and handwashing if required.

Wearing masks is now recommended in some circumstances, so please do wear a mask if this applies to you.

All of these measures help us comply with keeping less people in the building and therefore reduced the chance of unintentional covid spread.

As you know, it is possible that people can spread the virus for a day or two before symptoms develop.

Consultation Guidelines

Face to Face Consultations

If you are scheduled to attend our clinic in person:

• Please wear a face mask at all times when in the building. These can be purchased at most pharmacies or you can make one at home.
• Please sanitise your hands on arrival with the alcohol gel inside the front door.
• If possible, please try and use toilet facilities before leaving your house, as we have to limit use of our own facilities.

Video Consultations

Although we endeavour to run to schedule, it is not always possible. If you do not hear from us at your scheduled time, please bear with us and we will be with you as soon as we can.

How to check in for your video visit:

• You will receive a text message to your device from us just before your appointment.
• The text will have a link that you must click on.
• This will bring you to a virtual waiting room, where the doctor will join you for your consultation.

To help optimise video quality, please close apps on your device that may be running in the background.

Normal fees apply and we can take payment over the phone after your appointment.


Recent changes to the testing process mean we are now encouraged to refer any patient with possible covid symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath) for testing promptly.

You do not need to be in a priority group any longer.

Test and results expected within a few days.

Please see full Covid-19 info on

Many thanks for your understanding of the reason we have to work in this way.

Please continue to contact us by phone or email to arrange your teleconsult or other services as before.

Recent News

  • Apr 12 2021

    We are vaccinating our High Risk patients: Contact Us.


    Covid 19 Vaccinations for High Risk groups

    It has been a long wait for everyone, but we can finally start preparations for vaccinating our patients in-surgery.

    We don’t know yet when exactly we will get out vaccine delivery, but we are already well advanced in the task of identifying the patients who are next to be vaccinated.

    These will be the patients from the Very High Risk (Cohort 4) and High Risk (Cohort 7) groups.

    Not all of the patients in these groups will be vaccinated in General Practice, with most of the highest risk patients being contacted by Acute Services and called for vaccination in the hospital.



  • Feb 12 2021

    Covid19 Vaccination Programme


    Covid19 Vaccination Programme

    The rollout of Covid19 vaccines for all patients over the age of 70, is due to begin the week of 15th February 2021.

    The first group to be vaccinated will be age over 85, followed by age 80-84, then 75-79, then 70-74.

  • Dec 29 2020

    Covid19 Vaccination Programme


    Covid19 Vaccination Programme

  • Dec 24 2020

    Xmas Opening Hours 2020


    Xmas Opening Hours 2020

  • Dec 11 2020

    Flu Vaccinations - 13 to 17 year olds


    Flu Vaccinations - 13 to 17 year olds

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