Price Reductions

Price Reductions for 2013

Here at Galway Bay Medical Centre we pride ourselves on listening to what our patients want and are happy to change the way we do things in response to customer opinion. An area which we keep under constant review is pricing. We can't provide services for free or we won't be providing any service for very long but that doesn't mean that we can't strive to be as fair and open as possible in our pricing.

With that in mind, we have reviewed 2 key areas of our fees:

We have introduced a Child Consultation rate of €40 for all of our patients under 16 years of age. This is for a routine consultation with our GPs.

Why child consultations?

From our research, we have found that consults of this sort tend, on average, to be shorter and less complex. They require less GP time and less follow-up, so it is only fair that the cost should reflect that fact.

Reviewing our review appointments:

Our aim is to fix your problem when ever possible in one consultation. However, this simply doesn't always work, so occasionally you will need to come back for review to try a different approach.

As these review appointments tend to be straightforward and usually shorter than the initial consult we have changed our pricing structure to a system we hope is fairer both to our patients and to our doctors.

A review of the same problem within 1 week of the initial consult has been reduced to €25 with the old review rate of €35 now being extended to cover any review appointment within 2 weeks of the initial consult.

Full details of our Fees can be found here.

Recent News Summaries

  • Apr 28 2020

    Covid19 - Testing Criteria Update


    A quick update on the changes to Covid19 testing guidelines:

    You can now be referred for testing if you are in one or more of the categories for priority testing and meet the testing criteria below.

    If you are not in a priority group we cannot refer you for testing at this time........

  • Mar 30 2020

    What to do for mild Covid19 symptoms


    What to do if you have symptoms that don't qualify you for Covid19 testing

    As you will know, GPs can only refer patients for Covid19 tests who fit the current criteria for testing - meaning a fever plus either cough or shortness of breath, along with being in one of the at risk groups.

  • Mar 30 2020

    Can I attend as normal....

    Don't feel that you need to stay away from us for Non-Covid19 related visits.
    Our doors are locked to protect against spread of Covid-19, but we are still open from 0830 until 1700 and here for you.

  • Mar 25 2020

    Covid 19 - Update - Changes to testing

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    Covid19 - What we know about testing..

    There seems to be a lot of confusion around relating to the Covid19 testing programme, which is understandable when you consider the speed this programme was rolled out and the volume of people to be tested.
    As GP's, we know very little of what happens after we refer you for the test except what we hear anecdotally.

    What we DO know....

  • Mar 18 2020

    Covid 19 - Update

    Daily Update – 18 March 2020

    Since Monday 16th March, GPs can order a test for Covid-19 by electronic referral following a phone consultation with the patient..........

  • Mar 02 2020

    Covid-19 Coronavirus


    As we all know by now, we have seen the first cases of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) in Ireland over the past few days.

  • Sep 23 2019

    'Flu Vaccinations - Winter 2019 - NOW IN STOCK


    'Flu Vaccinations - Winter 2019 - NOW IN STOCK

  • Sep 11 2019

    'Flu Vaccinations - Winter 2019


    'Flu Vaccines

    We have yet to receive confirmation of the delivery date for the 2019 'Flu vaccines but we hope to have them by end of September.

    We will update once we know more...

    Thank you


  • Jan 17 2019

    Price Reduction


    Meningitis B vaccine price reduced


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