Can I attend as normal....

If you need us, we are here

Don't feel that you need to stay away from us for Non-Covid19 related visits.

Our doors are locked to protect against spread of Covid-19, but we are still open from 0830 until 1700 and here for you.

We have moved most of our consultations to phone or video and you can book using the normal channels for these. Our normal fees apply and we can take payment over the phone for everything with receipts by email.

Repeat prescriptions can be ordered by phone and sent securely directly to whichever pharmacy suits you.

Covid19 aside, the problems which we normally deal with day in day out have not gone away and we are concerned that some people think they need to stay away altogether.

Our GP's are busier with covid-related queries, but quieter regarding other issues.

For example, this is proving to be a very stressful time and it is more important than ever to look after your mental health. This sort of consult is ideally suited to being dealt with by phone and if scripts are required we can send those directly to your pharmacist for you.

If necessary, we can organise a physical examination following the phone/video consult. However, in most cases, we know the diagnosis by the time we have finished listening and asking focused questions.

We also have access to video consults with the Galway Bay Physio team.

So please don't be afraid to contact us.

You may need to be patient as the booked times for phone or video consults can be unpredictable depending on how the day is going, but we will get to you and we can help.

We really appreciate everyone's support at this time.


Recent News Summaries

  • Sep 28 2020

    Influenza Vaccinations 2020


    'Flu vaccination 2020/21

    Flu season is here and we are encouraging everyone to get the vaccine.

    Help reduce the potential burden on our hospitals this winter.
    Get the 'Flu vaccine.

    Drop us an email now to book in. The vaccine supplies are arriving tomorrow.

    The HSE has a very useful information page, including information leaflets and videos in a number of languages.

    Click HERE or HERE

  • Sep 08 2020

    Some changes for Winter 20/21


    Some changes for Winter 20/21

    Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and in keeping with public health guidance, we have had to make some changes to our appointment arrangements in Galway Bay Medical Centre with effect from 7th September 2020.


  • Apr 28 2020

    Covid19 - Testing Criteria Update


    A quick update on the changes to Covid19 testing guidelines:

    You can now be referred for testing if you are in one or more of the categories for priority testing and meet the testing criteria below.

    If you are not in a priority group we cannot refer you for testing at this time........

  • Mar 30 2020

    What to do for mild Covid19 symptoms


    What to do if you have symptoms that don't qualify you for Covid19 testing

    As you will know, GPs can only refer patients for Covid19 tests who fit the current criteria for testing - meaning a fever plus either cough or shortness of breath, along with being in one of the at risk groups.

  • Mar 30 2020

    Can I attend as normal....

    Don't feel that you need to stay away from us for Non-Covid19 related visits.
    Our doors are locked to protect against spread of Covid-19, but we are still open from 0830 until 1700 and here for you.

  • Mar 25 2020

    Covid 19 - Update - Changes to testing

    If you've heard the news this morning, you will already know that Public Health guidelines around testing for Covid19 have been changed overnight.........

  • Mar 23 2020

    Covid19 - What we know about testing..

    There seems to be a lot of confusion around relating to the Covid19 testing programme, which is understandable when you consider the speed this programme was rolled out and the volume of people to be tested.
    As GP's, we know very little of what happens after we refer you for the test except what we hear anecdotally.

    What we DO know....

  • Mar 18 2020

    Covid 19 - Update

    Daily Update – 18 March 2020

    Since Monday 16th March, GPs can order a test for Covid-19 by electronic referral following a phone consultation with the patient..........

  • Mar 02 2020

    Covid-19 Coronavirus


    As we all know by now, we have seen the first cases of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) in Ireland over the past few days.

  • Sep 23 2019

    'Flu Vaccinations - Winter 2019 - NOW IN STOCK


    'Flu Vaccinations - Winter 2019 - NOW IN STOCK

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